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Uncontrollable drug cravings are often the driving force behind criminal activity. At Providence Drug Rehab facilities, they recognize that mental shifts can make people in addiction feel as if they are going to die without their drug of choice. This leads to risky behavior such as stealing or selling drugs if that is what it takes to satisfy the need for drugs. Breaking the cycle of addiction for people before it leads to problems with the law is the goal of every law enforcement operation and Drug Rehab Providence RI.

Data shows that heroin is the biggest drug threat in Providence. Drug Rehabs in Providence provide effective treatment and support for heroin and other forms of addiction. Although the complexities of heroin addiction make residential rehab the best treatment option, at Drug Rehabs in Providence offer a variety of treatment options that include a supportive inpatient detoxification process, a continuum of therapeutic care as well as intensive outpatient treatment. While the focus will be on the person recovering from the addiction, it is also important that their loved ones received the addiction education and counseling that is necessary to help to support the recovery process.

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Signs of Heroin Addiction

Sometimes despite the obvious signs of addiction, family members find it hard to confront the person in addiction. This is when it is time to consider contacting Drug Rehab Providence RI for addiction treatment. The compulsive, obsessive drug seeking and using also makes it difficult for the heroin addict to focus on getting the help they need. The visible effects of heroin use typically include constricted pupils, disorientation, droopy appearance followed by cycles of hyper-alertness and drowsiness, shortness of breath, dry mouth, slurred speech and changes in behavior. Behavioral signs of addiction that indicate it may be time to seek help for addiction includes.

  • An obvious neglect of hygiene and personal appearance
  • Withdrawal from usual interactions with family and friends have changed to more secretive and behavior about absences and isolation.
  • Increased lying deception, borrowing or stealing to support the drug habit.
  • Inability to maintain performance levels in school or work, including expulsion or loss of jobs
  • Obvious hostile behavior toward others.
  • Frequently covering up arms and legs in an effort to hide needle marks.
  • Frequently experiencing withdrawal symptoms such as problem breathing, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting chills, runny nose, and restlessness.

Even if you are unsure that heroin abuse is the problem, these signs are indicative of addiction and should be taken seriously. Heroin addiction has an extremely high overdose fatality rate. Data shows that heroin abuse is the biggest drug threat to the Providence, Rhode Island area and it is also one of the most abused drugs in the United States today. Heroin's addictive qualities cause users to build tolerance levels quickly because of the severe cravings that fuel repeated use.

Treatment for Heroin Addiction includes a thorough physical and psychological evaluation in order to make an accurate diagnosis of the patient's current health status. It also helpful in identifying any underlying mental disorders co-occurring with addiction. For those with these comorbid conditions, rehabs provide specialized dual diagnosis treatment that includes treating both the mental disorder and the addiction simultaneously. Studies show patients who receive dual diagnosis treatment have a higher success rate of sustaining long-term sobriety than those who don't.

Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs of abuse today with attributes that make it particularly hard to quit. These include the severe cravings and other physiological problems that cause most addicts to relapse when they try to quit on their own. Records also show that there is a significant link to criminal activity and heroin. Addiction to heroin is destructive and potentially fatal if treatment is delayed for too long.

Whether you are just developing a tolerance for heroin or another drug of abuse or have been in addiction for a long time, Drug Rehab Providence RI can help you to find an addiction center that will meet all of your needs. Call Drug Rehab Providence at (877) 804-1531 today to learn about options.

About Providence

Providence is the capital and one of the oldest cities in Rhode Island. Census records indicate that approximately 1,604,291 live in Providence which exceeds the population of Rhode Island by about 60%. It is a large sophisticated city with the ambiance of a small American town. It was first settled by Roger Williams, a religious exile from Great Britain. He named the settlement "God's merciful Providence" because the area had provided a haven for him and other settlers. The city of Providence became known for its jewelry and silverware industry. The city economy soon shifted to more of a service industry. Today it is home to eight hospitals, seven institutions and seven colleges and universities. Visitors say, Providence was the best of both worlds with a comfortable all American town feel coupled with a thriving art community, prestigious academic institutions, renowned restaurants and accessibility to the Boston area.

Upcoming Providence AA & NA Meetings:

Meeting Day & Time Location
AA Saint Paul's Sat, 7:00 PM Saint Paul's Church ( 30 Warwick Avenue, Cranston, RI 02905
NA Crossroads YMCA Wed, 7:00 PM Steppin Out Wed Night Group Discussion/Participation 160 Broad Street, Providence, RI 02903
AA Sobriety For All Mon, 7:00 PM Temple Sinai 30 Hagen Ave, Cranston, RI 02920
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