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Providence Alcohol Abuse Programs

Finding the Best Providence Alcohol Abuse Programs is easy and can help addicts recover from addiction...   When you are struggling with alcoholism, it's extremely common and understandable to feel like you are surrounded, like there's no help for you. Alcoholism is one of the hardest... Read More

Take Back Control of Your Life with Providence Opiate Addiction Treatment

Providence opiate addiction treatment options are available at top drug and alcohol treatment centers in the country...   As of 2013, an estimated 2.1 million Americans meet the description of prescription opioid addiction, having risen 125% from 900,000 in 2002. Also in 2013, 10 million Amer... Read More

Exploring Sex Addiction Treatment

Dissecting the ins and outs of Sex Addiction Treatment...   What is Sex Addiction? Sex addiction, also known as sexual dependency or sexual compulsion, is a form of obsessive compulsive disorder focused on sexual behavior. It dominates the lives of those that deal with the illness, and while... Read More

Rhode Island Police Seize Heroin from Two Men

Police Seize Heroin from Two RI Men...   Rhode Island State Police arrested two Providence men late last month after seizing heroin, oxycodone pills and marijuana. Miguel Medrano was pulled over for a moving violation at about 2:47 a.m. that day when the drugs were found. Heroin is powe... Read More

The Opiate Heroin Link

Just when we think the opiate crisis was subsiding, things took an even deadlier turn. The Providence, Rhode Island and surrounding areas has been hit especially hard. Coroners say at least seventeen people within a fourteen day period have overdosed on heroin. According to a Rhode Island report, th... Read More

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